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Jaime Gascon At PSD Kennels
Jaime Gascon is the owner and operator of PSD Kennels. The Gascon
family operates One of the top breeding and training facilities on North
America. PSD produces the finest
Belgian Malinois puppies, Dutch
Shepherd puppies and German Shepherd puppies
available for sale to
approved homes,  police departments. and military units worldwide.

Additionally the family operates
PSD Training Academy which not only
trains police and military service dogs, they also  train and certify
Police  Officers, Military personnel and private sector handlers to
properly work with a K9 partner. Mr Gascon has dedicated the last 35
years developing and breeding the finest quality canines for Law
Enforcement, Military Units, Drug Detection, Explosive Detection,
Cadaver Dogs, Tracking Dogs, Personal Protection, and Obedience.
The  Gascon family has trained Thousands of Malinois and  GSD's  for
police and military use in theatres of operation across the globe.

Mr. Gascons true passion today lies in his breeding program which is
second to none in the world. He imports the finest working lines for
Europe and the Eastern block countries. His Begian Malinois Puppies
are considered the finest available anywhere in the world. Prized for
their tough gritty determined personalities, and their loyalty to their
family and handler, these USA bred dogs have placed themselves in
harms way to save the life of their human family on numerous occasions.

Jaime Gascon has spent many years in different countries mastering
the canine sport. Mr. Gascon is one of  a hand full of certified KNPV
Decoys. Spending many years in Holland Mastering the KNPV Sport.
Jaime Gascon is one of the few true KNPV Canine trainers in the US
PSD Kennels Loyalty Courage Drive Intelligence
Imported European Working Sporting and Protection K-9's. GSD Belgian Malinois Dutch
Shepherd puppies
 We also offer training for handlers and Help for Problem working dogs.
Call now 601-299-0264
Jaime Gascon: Legendary Master K-9 trainer, Dog Whisperer, Breeder of
exceptional Protection and Police service K-9s
!  Call 601-299-0264
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PSD Kennels Police Working K-9 Drakk
Jamie Gascon Specializes in training and
retraining Difficult dogs. If your Police
Department or Military unit is having Behavioral
Issues With one of your PSD's or MWD's give us
a call. Jamie Gascon Works wonders on
challenging K-9 Officers. Skype Consultation Ava
for out of country Military units 601-299-0264