Here At PSD KENNELS we only sell Dogs and Puppies with exceptional breeding, Drive, Determination, and
Protection instinct.
We hand select and test each and every dog to maintain our rigorious standards.  We carefully research
canine bloodlines to make sure that we can provide the finest working and protection dogs to our clients.
During the training program we carefully match puppies and Dogs to specific jobs and handlers,
specializes in pairing puppies and dogs to jobs and Families where they will be sucessful.
PSD Kennels is here 24 hour / 7 days a week for all our clients. We sell a
wide range of Pure Breed canines here at PSD Kennels, including the always popular
German Shepherd
(GSD) probably the single most popular choice for home protection in the USA. We also have an amazing
selection of
Belgan Malinios which are the new Gold standard in Police and Military service dogs.
Finally last but not least our
Dutch shepherds which are carefully selected from european stock to provide
exceptional home and personal protection dogs.

We always have a nice selection of Finished Dogs, Green Dogs, and
puppies for sale for your inspection.
Call us today and set up an appointment to visit the Academy to discus your families personal protection needs.
We Work With You To Find The Perfect Canine partner for You and your family!
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