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Protection dog
Name: Peru V PSD

Sex: Male

Age: 12 Month Old

Status: In Training (Dual Purpose K9 / Narcotics Dog / Sport Dog)

  • Alert on Command (bark and show signs of aggression, on-leash and off leash)
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Escort and re-attack (K-9 will escort prisoner to desired location and will bite and
    hold, if prisoner re-attacksor tries to escape.)
  • Alert on Command (bark and show signs of aggression, on-leash)
  • Be Quiet on Command (quiet and return to heel or down position, on-leash)
  • Bite and Hold (bite attacker and hold until release is given, off-leash)
  • Release and Guard on Command (release bite and guard attacker, off-leash)
  • Pursue and Apprehend (K-9 will chase, bite and hold attacker, off-leash)
  • Detection
  • Exposed to a variety of environments. (Trained Under Gunfire)

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MOTHER 5 yr old Dual Purpose Police Dog.  This is a tough, Hi
drive male that has worked as a K9. He has great searching ability
and a fantastic bite.