PSD Kennels Begian Malinois puppies for salel
Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale  PSD Kennels Training Academy
Poplarville Ms.  First in Loyalty Intelligence Drive Protection
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Belgian Malinois puppies for sale

Belgian Malinois Puppies for sale
Malinois Puppies also Known as Belgian Shepherd for sale to approved homes from PSD Kennels Poplarville Mississippi. These Malinois
Puppies represent our commitment to our mission: to provide North America with outstanding European style working dogs, bred in the US.
Parents are of these pups are Working Police dogs with outstanding European pedigrees. Puppies already show great Drive, Loyalty,
Persistence, and Courage. Our
Malinois Pups are well socialized. They are born and raised on our family Horse Ranch so they have been
exposed to cattle and horses as well as smaller family pets dogs and cats. PSD Belgian Malinois also called Belgian Shepherds make
exceptional family or executive protection dogs, guard dogs, K-9 Police or Military Service dogs.

Meet The Belgian Malinois Shepherd
Belgian Malinois Shepherds are, as the name implies, a herding dog originally. The name Malinois pronounced (MAL-in-wah) comes from
Malines the French name for the breeds city of origin. Malinois Dogs are a medium sized dog that looks much like a small German Shepherd
at first glance. They are short to medium coated with a fawn body color and a black face mask. Malinois also come in the highly prized all
Black color. Malinois are active Intelligent dogs who thrive when spending an active life with their family or working a challenging job. They are
so intelligent and in tune with their handlers it is often reported that the dog and his human work as one unit. Belgian Malinois make excellent
Police Service Dogs, Herd Protectors, sporting dogs, Military Working Dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Detection dogs as well as family
protection dogs. Malinois do best in a home with a large fenced in yard or in the country with room to run. They are happiest when living with
their family and love to go on family outings. Belgian Malinois are dogs that want to spend time with their people. Most Malinois are fine with
cats and other small family pets if they are raised together. Socialize your Malinois early and often so they learn how to tell friend from foe.

Come Visit PSD Kennels in Poplarville MS
Come join us at Horse Haven Paso Finos Ranch the home of PSD Kennels. We love to show off our Working Police dogs. We are located
about 1 hour north of New Orleans off Highway 59 in Poplarville Mississippi. If you live too far for a Ranch visit in person just call us for
pictures of each individual Belgian Malinois puppy or trained adult dog for sale.

Malinois Puppy Shipping
We are happy to ship your NEW PSD Malinois puppy to you if you live too far to visit PSD Kennels in person.
Shipping via Airlines is fast safe and By far the most comfortable option if you don't live within a few hours of the ranch.
Shipping Puppies $375. Includes
  • shipping crate
  • feed water cups
  • bedding
  • transportation from PSD to MSY (New Orleans International Airport)
  • flight
  • Vet check and
  • all permitting necessary to ship anywhere in the USA.

PSD Kennels Benefits
Malinois puppies from PSD Kennels come with a 2 year health guarantee and a LIFETIME of free support from PSD Kennels! All of our
AKC Malinios puppies are also eligible for our Puppy Obedience 1 classes
*Stop (when walking)
*Down (lie down)
*Return to sit (dog comes from down to sitting position)
* Heel
* Stay
* Recall (come when called)
* Auto-Sit (sit when owner stops walking)
* Finish
* Wait at the door
* Polite greeting (not jumping on guest)
*Crate and potty training is also included!

Call PSD Kennels and Academy now, to get an AMAZING Malinois puppy for your family. We also have Some Nice working K-9 Prospects.
Come Visit the Ranch, We have the AKC Malinois puppy of your dreams! We guarantee it!  KNPV Prospects also available.  
AKC Belgian Malinois puppies bred at PSD Kennels in poplarville Ms
Belgian Malinois puppies for sale to approved homes.
If you are looking for a highly intelligent, high energy, protective and loyal family pet or watch dog, you may be looking for
a Belgian Shepherd AKA Belgian Malinois.
These Adorable Malinois dogs are ready to begin their new life as a part of your family. These Puppies Come UTD on
everything Micro-chipped and ready to go. PSD Kennels breeds from the Finest European Working bloodlines and our
Malinois Puppies are already showing their drive protection and energy. You wont find a better family protection dog
anywhere. Parents are Working K-9 Police dogs.

Belgian Malinois puppies (also known as Belgian Shepherds) make outstanding
personal/Executive protection dogs as well as great family guard dogs watch dogs and most importantly, they make
fantastic family pets.
Gorgeous Healthy Protective Belgian  Malinois  make highly desirable family pets. The Malinois is
often referred to as "the Velcro dog" because of his desire to be close to his owners or family. 1500.