Owning a canine can be a rewarding experience for both the owner as well as the canine  Obedience training does not
automatically resolve all problems or magically prevent other problems from occurring, However it does give you a
structure to fall back on when problems do arrise, and a road map to solve any issues you may experience, By enrolling
your GSD Malinois or Dutch Shepherd into the  Dog Obedience Training Program at PSD Kennels dog training academy
you will learn how to effectivly communicate with your dog.
We employ
positive training methods that are reward based to establish a consistancy which builds the foundation of
Trust Love and Pack structure.  

* Beginning Obedience
* Intermediate Obedience
* Advanced Obedience

Beginning or  Obedience 1
The Beginning  Dog Obedience course is designed to provide adult dogs and puppies, at least 4 months of age, with a
solid foundation for all Dog Training Courses.  All dogs must master Basic Dog Obedience regardless of what direction
the training will take in the future. NO matter if your goal is to have a well-mannered pet or a skilled protector or even a
police or military service dog, they all begin with this course."The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step."  This
course is taught on leash and after completion of the course your dog will know the following commands:

* Stop (when walking)
* Down (lie down)
* Return to sit (dog comes from down to sitting position)
* Heel
* Stay
* Recall (come when called)
* Auto-Sit (sit when owner stops walking)
* Finish
* Wait at the door
* Polite greeting (not jumping on guest)

Intermediate or  Obedience 2
Our Intermediate Dog Course builds on the fundamentals learned during the Basic Dog Obedience course and
prepares your dog for off-leash training. This program improves relationships between owners and their canine by
increasing their ability to effectively communicate with and understand each other.  During this course, your dog will
learn the following techniques:

* Hand Signals (commands are delivered by hand signal instead of verbally)
* Sit-in-Motion (come to an automatic sit when walking)
* Down-in-Motion (automatically lie down during a walk)
* Recall Sit (come when called and automatically sit)
* Stand Stay (stand and remain standing until told to move)
* Short down with handler absent (command dog to lie down and owner leaves for a SHORT period of time while
the dog continues to lie down and stay until owner returns and gives an additional command)

Advanced Obedience
The Advanced Dog Obedience course furthers your dog’s training and prepares your dog to work around distractions.  
The course also enriches the relationship between you and your canine, and increases the trust and confidence you
have in your dog’s ability and willingness to follow orders, which allows you to give your dog more freedom. This course
includes the following:

Complete off leash control (All commands taught during previous two courses are taught without the dog being on a
Long down with handler absent (Same as short down with handler absent, but handler is absent for a long period of
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