Here at PSD Kennels and Training Academy we can help you with your dogs detection, tracking,
sport, protection, and obedience. Jaime Gascon has a vast knowledge of canines and is a resource
that provides the highest level of training for police and military working dogs. Some of Jaime
Gascons accomplishments are:  Master Trainer for our local Police Departments, Handler and
Trainer for Police Departments, Developed course curriculum for a variety of police and military
working dog units, SWAT Operator, and US Marine. Jaime Gascon is one of a few in the US that is a
KNPV Master Trainer and Certified KNPV Decoys.

PSD Kennels and Training Academy provides excellent police and military canines that are trained
with the highest standards for the clients needs. We offer single purpose drug and explosive
detection dogs, as well as multi-purpose canines that detect and protect. We also specialize in
canines for police and military special operations. We offer basic and advanced level handler
courses designed to suit your department or Units Needs

Detection - Narcotic and explosive detection dogs are trained to search buildings, vehicles, schools,
open areas, and more. Obedience and gunfire neutralization are included. All canines are trained
with a passive response unless aggressive response in requested.
PSD Training Programs for German Shepherds Belgian Malinois and Dutch
Shepherds call 601-299-0264
Obedience - All programs teach police K-9 handlers on and off leash obedience.
Obedience training is essential to true control of the K-9. Obedience training builds a
solid bond between the handler and K-9. Poor performance and the inability of the K-9
handler to work a K-9 are deeply rooted in poor obedience training. We will help you
develop a strong obedience background that will enable you to perform in any and all
working environments

Patrol – Patrol canines are trained in obedience, tactical movements, handler
protection, building and area searches,and criminal apprehension. Canine teams are
trained to advanced levels of off leash control, including gunfire anddirectional
searches.  We also cover multiple adversaries, airborne scent techniques, evidence
recovery, and more.

Tracking – Canines are trained for multi-surface tracks including duration, distance,
contamination, cross tracks, tactics,environmental influences, and cover officers.  
Training is conduced in urban as well as rural environments.

Special Operations – Special operations dogs are trained for all tactical situations.
Canine teams are trained in advanced levels of off leash control, tactical movement,
explosive entry, gunfire, and detection. Scenario based training is used to prepare the K-
9 teams for deployments.
All of our police K-9 training courses are taught with the highest quality training regardless of your choice. Rather it be a single-purpose
detection K-9 Team or a
Special Ops K-9 team all courses are intense as we only expect the highest level of work from everyone to include the trainers,
handlers and canines. We are prepared to give your unit 110% to make the best canine teams anywhere, so come prepared to do the
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