PSD KENNELS has german shepherd puppies malenois puppies for sale and dutch shepherd puppies ava for sale
PSD Kennels Offers the Finest GSD (German Shepherd), Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherd Puppies
as well as Fully trained adult K-9's available anywhere and we ship worldwide. Professionals trust PSD Kennels
for their Military Police and Personal Protection Dogs. When the lives of our Soldiers, Police Officers, and
Families are on the line call PSD Kennels.
Here at PSD Kennels we are committed to providing the Ultimate Police, Military, Personal Protection and Detections Dogs
Available. We are a family owned and operated Training and breeding Facility located on the Gulf coast of South Mississippi
(USA). PSD Training Academy has been providing the finest European German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois to Law
Enforcement Agencies and Military Agencies worldwide. We also sell trained K9s and Puppies as Protectors and Loyal
Companions to families, Business Executives, Entertainers, and Professional Athletes. Saving the lives of families and first
responders for over 35 years.
We offer many types of training programs:

Police K-9:  PSD Kennels trainers are certified handlers. The experience our trainers gain each day
working our Police K-9's on the street is passed on to each of our "street smart" dogs. The street is not a

Personal and Executive Protection:  PSD Kennels offers a "street smart" approach to our protection
dog training. We hold our protection dogs to the same standard as our Police Service dogs. We train for
real scenarios, and real situations you will encounter. The result is a protection dog that works!
Remember, a protection dog is the only defensive weapon that can't be used against you.  Our dogs have
saved many lives and even as puppies exhibit exceptional drive to protect.

Search & Rescue:  PSD Kennels is meeting the demands of SAR. Our experience produces some of the
finest tracking dogs and cadaver dogs in the nation.

Basic and advanced obedience:  As professional K9 trainers It is our core Belief that ALL dogs benefit
from structure and at least basic obedience. Most of the highly driven puppies and dogs bred and trained
PSD will benefit from as much obedience and training as you can give them. These are working dogs that
love to have a job and will put their heart and soul into it. They are hard wired to work and become very
bonded to their human pack. It is precisely this drive to protect that will cause a dog to take a bullet meant
for his handler.
We Offer Dual Purposes K-9's, Narcotic and Explosive
Detection Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs, Tracking
Dogs, Fully Trained and Certified Police Service Dogs,
and Military working dogs. Handler Certification.  AKC
Belgian Malinios German Shepherd and Dutch
Shepherd Puppies for sale In Mississippi.  
Call today and talk to one of our certified handlers about Purchasing a German Shepherd puppy a
Belgian Malinios Puppy or a Dutch Shepherd puppy.
If your looking for an older dog already trained
GSD Malinois PSD or MWD we have those available as well.
  We will be happy to schedule a time
to meet with you and your family to discuss your needs.  Call 601-299-0264
Jaime Gascon K9 Trainer extraordinaire
We are dedicated to providing Law Enforcement, and government agencies with specially trained Police Service Dogs. Our
Trained K9s are the finest available anywhere in the world. We accomplish this by testing hundreds of canines every year and only
importing the best of the best to be include in our state of the art breeding and training operation. All of our trainers are certified
police officers, not civilians. They are experienced police dog handlers who have worked in the back alleys and on the streets of
some of the toughest cities in America including Military patrols and search and Rescue efforts during the immediate aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina. These officers know the dogs and training required for effective law enforcement as well as Military campaigns.

Every Puppy or certified service Dog purchased from PSD Kennels includes a handler training course during which you will receive
instructions on how to work as an effective team with your new dog or puppy as well as preparation for the field and in the case of
Military or Police officers the courtroom. Through our extensive experience, training and expertise, you will receive realistic,
practical, and comprehensive training designed to prepare you for "real world" scenarios.
PSD Kennels master trainer Jaime Gascon Trainer to the stars with his best friend and police service dog Raico.
PSD Kennels Provides Malinois GSD and Dutch Shepherd puppies and trained dogs to approved homes and government agencies worldwide.
PSD Kennels All Rights Reserved and Copyright.
Contact Cindi or Jaime Gascon at PSD Kennels for more information.

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