Potty training your new puppy

Malinois puppies from PSD Kennels in mississippi
Malinois puppies from PSD Kennels in Mississippi

PSD Kennels Potty training for puppies and adults

Potty training your new puppy is actually much easier than people think but it does require some commitment and the ability to put up with a bit of hollering on the puppies part in the beginning.  First things first we don’t believe is striking the puppies we are trying to potty train. The more modern school of dog training teaches us that dogs and Puppies respond way better to positive reinforcement, meaning praise or treats,  than they ever will to brute force. Here at PSD Kennels we strive to set up EVERY puppy for successful and a happy life. Whether the puppy is purchased by a private sector home as family protection, or an elite Military unit, all will need to know the basics of good Canine Citizenship.

everybody’s got an opinion on housebreaking…..

Lets also dispel the rumor that EVERYONE who has a friend- neighbor- coworker- or parent will tell you to rub a puppies nose in mistakes spank them with a magazine, belt shoe  and many other equally ineffective methods. Your puppy or dog wants to please…..And the roll in and eating of stinky stuff proves it’a not an effective deterrent “rub their nose in it?’

PSD German shepherd puppies 029s
PSD German shepherd puppies 029s

basic crate training is Job one Before Potty training

No discussion of potty training would be complete without first going over the basics of crate training because the simple truth is without the ability to crate your puppy, your will more than likely never have a 100% potty trained dog. So without further ado…

Crate training 101:

Selecting the proper size of crate is vital to your success. The puppy crate is usually not the one your grown dog ends up in. For the Malinois and German Shepherd you’ll be looking for the size that the puppy can stand up and turn around in one that the ears almost touch the top of the crate usually referred to as a 28 size crate for puppies 8-12 weeks and a size 36 crate for puppies 3 to 6 months.

Grab your earplugs

First off get yourself used to the idea that during a short introductory period, if your puppy has not been confined before (and many times even if he has) He/she is going to scream. Seriously holler…… howl bark scream whatever you want to call it…. It won’t be pleasant. If your one of those people that just can’t tolerate babies crying or dogs howling, you better plan to have a place to put the pup in his crate like the garage carport or shed.  The most important thing is that the dog is not ever EVER please write this down NEVER ever let a screaming puppy out of a crate. If you give in and let him out….. Well you are creating a monster that will always howl and probably never be housebroken.  You owe him better. You owe yourself better.

What about the Un-trainable case….

Now I get a lot of emails about allegedly un-house-breakable dogs…. From people who refuse to crate their “babies” because it seems cruel. Let’s dispel that myth right now. Dogs are not Humans, they are Canines. Where do canines live in the wild? Anybody…… just blurt the answer out if you know……. Yes that’s right, they live in Dens! What is a den? It’s a small (barely enough room to turn around) cave or hole dug in the earth by the Gyp as a safe place to whelp and raise her young. Dogs seek out the safely of small enclosed spaces NATURALLY that is why your dog loves to lay at your feet under the computer desk or in the corner under the bar. They are seeking the safety and security that is hardwired into their DNA by 1000s of years of evolution.  Therefore putting a dog into a crate is NOT cruel. It is in fact catering to their need to be in a safe confined spot.

OK so we have our Puppy, we have our crate, were determined NOT to allow a screaming puppy to come outside of the crate… when Do we let him out? I’m glad you asked!

Puppy potty training 101

Puppies need a schedule. Basically they will need to relieve themselves immediately upon waking up, after play, after eating/drinking and before going to bed for the night. For younger puppies they sleep a lot and will need to potty every time they wake up. In My house I NEVER allow untrained dogs run loose in my home. I don’t allow puppies free range of the house for several reasons.

  1. it’s too easy to go down the hallway out of sight and potty
  2. it’s too easy for them to chew things they are not supposed to (power cords remote control cell phone curtains furniture etc)
  3. they can ingest a lot of un-edible things that require surgical removal (ask me how i know this)
  4. They can become entangled and strangle in things you’d never believe
  5. I want to set up dogs and puppies for success and praise

Take puppies outside 1st thing

First thing in the morning your puppy needs to go outside. For small pups I will pick them up out of the crate and carry them outside to the potty spot. This takes away any chance they will squat on the floor before making it outside. They will need to pee several times and usually poo several times every time you go outside. Walk around a bit and they normally follow you. For older pups that you are house-training give them NO out of crate time in the house, except right after being outside and potting (and even then we are watching them like a hawk).

Some puppies especially older ones will want to romp and play when you take them outside, they need to potty, trust me, and you have to walk around outside with them until they go. Otherwise they will go the second you get inside. If it takes 20 minutes it takes 20 minutes. Leave yourself time to allow the puppy to do his business without feeling rushed.

Don’t let untrained dogs have free range of your home

Puppies should only have SUPERVISED time outside the crate in the house.

That means:

  • no talking on the phone,
  • no surfing the web
  • no watching NCIS
  • No cooking dinner
  • when the pup is out, all you do is focus on him
  • If he starts sniffing turning in circles Take him immediately outside then praise him when he goes potty

Praise good ignore bad when potty training

Make doing the right thing, the easy thing, a BIG deal, when he gets is right, praise him and tell him he’s such a good boy make it FUN! IF you do this, your pup will be potty trained in about a week. Nothing to it really; you just have to commit and make it happen. IF you mess up and let the puppy potty inside first off DO NOT spank the pup, do not yell at the pup. After all he’s only being a puppy which is his job. It is YOUR responsibility to watch him and do nothing else while he’s loose inside your home. You messed up not him, that’s OK you will do better next time, clean the mess don’t be mad at yourself or your pup and move on.

Your main take away from this article should be:

  • Puppies all need to be crate trained and the crate should be the correct size
  • Never let a screaming-barking-howling puppy or dog out of a crate
  • Never let an untrained dog or puppy have free range of your home
  • Puppies potty habits are fairly predictable
  • Potty training is easy when you pay attention
  • If you mess up and let him potty inside it’s not the end of the world
  • Clean up and start over.

If you have any problems give me a shout at PSDKennels@gmail.com

Or call PSD Kennels at 601-299-0264






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