Review PSD puppy onguard machine

Yes, he’s 5 months, yes he’s 50 lbs, yes he likes to play
with a purple care bear . But don’t be fooled! He is an on 9
guard machine for his family even at this age, he has put a
grown 100# plus dog on the ground for playing with his toys.
He loves the mailman and the fedex and ups deliverers.
Always on point! Always accurate with who is ok and who
he needs to alert to. I am amazed that such a young
Malinois can be so discerning. He also recognizes uniforms,
as a friend of ours is MHP. He eats ALOT! But as you can
see he is putting on muscle and bone and gets plenty of the
PSD training first stage as he obeys even at the vet with
new smells, animals, birds and people! I would video him
but it’s raining and we have brought him inside for movie
Sunday smile emoticon sometimes, he does confuse his
name for “Dammit Tory” but he is by far the smartest and
most good natured dog we’ve ever owned

Lisa Stokley Turner